Floor Play

Item No.: TSPCE19-031

Medium-Easy Quartet for Body Percussion

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by Alex Stopa

4 players

Instrumentation: Floor Play requires 4 players with no traditional instrumentation. Only “body percussion” is employed (stomps, slaps, claps, finger snaps, etc.)

No equipment? No problem! Alex Stopa’s Floor Play uses no traditional instrumentation and requires only “body percussion” like foot stomps, thigh slaps, hand claps, finger snaps, etc. With a fun, interactive presentation, this groovy quartet would be a great interlude to any concert and requires no setup logistics. The rhythms are repetitive, thematic, and relatively simple, making this a great choice for younger players.

Floor Play comes as a full, bound score with a color cover and includes an online download code to access individual parts for printing.

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Floor Play

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