Blue Steel

Item No.: TSPCS21-011

Medium-Easy Timpani Solo

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by Rob Parks

1 player

Instrumentation: 3 timpani (32’’, 29’’, 26’’)

Rob Parks titled Blue Steel after a steel drum group he played in at the University of Kentucky, and the musical inspiration is easy to hear. The piece uses calypso rhythms, steel drum “strumming” patterns, and drumset influence. At points, the performer is asked to strike the bowl of the drum with one hand while playing on the drumhead with the other.

Full of character and an introduction to extended playing techniques, this work is ideal as learning material for developing players!

This solo can also be found in The Blue Book - Volume 3 along with over 40 other solos for snare drum, drum set, mallet keyboard, and timpani.

Blue Steel ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full color cover

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Blue Steel

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