City Museum

Item No.: TSPCD-11

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

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by Ben Justis

2 players

Instrumentation: Vibraphone (with motor), Marimba—low C, Timpano, Large tam tam, Drums (3 tom toms), Cymbals (sizzle cymbal, China cymbal, hi-hat), Accessories (water bucket, trash can, or assorted metallics)

City Museum is a programmatic work for two percussionists depicting a trip to the famous City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri.

From the composer's words...

I was taken to City Museum just outside of St. Louis, Missouri many times when I was growing up. There I’d see huge planes hoisted into the air, a labyrinth of spooky caves, weird artifacts of Americana, giant whales, and even a school bus stuck on the roof. City Museum remains just as awe-inspiring today as it was those many years ago. This piece is a musical reflection of the different areas within the museum designed to transport listeners to my favorite place on Earth.

This duet gives two intermediate to advanced players the opportunity to shine and tell a story through percussion. A total of seven sections transport the listener from the museum's entrance to the deeper, more mysterious places inside. Lots of variety and some not-to-be-understated technical demands make City Museum an attractive piece for the players and an easy sell to concert goers!

This piece comes with a full, bound score and includes a CD-Rom containing a live audio recording and all individual parts available for printing.

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City Museum

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