In The Fog

Item No.: TSPCD19-004

Medium/Advanced Duet for Keyboard Percussion

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by Aaron Locklear

2 players

Instrumentation: Celeste*, Vibraphone, Marimba—(low C)

*Glockenspiel may be used as a substitution.

While created primarily out of improvisation, Aaron Locklear’s In the Fog explores two areas of growth in his compositional style: the use of mathematically deduced rhythmic patterns, as well as the use of intervallic symmetry within a tonal context. This collaboration of improvisatory and mathematical material creates a sophisticated inner structure housed within a tuneful casing of easy listening. As with all of his pieces, the title is drawn from his season of life during the writing process. While not written with a concrete program in mind, Aaron believes his life experiences during that time naturally found a way to manifest in the music.

This piece comes as a full, bound score with a color cover and includes an online download code to access individual parts for printing.

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In The Fog

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