Small Stuff, The

Item No.: TSPCD17-002

Medium Multipercussion Duet

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by Andrew Richardson

2 players

Instrumentation: 4 ceramic bowls, 2 woodblocks, 2 metal pans or pots, 2 Cowbells, 1 piece of junk metal*, Doumbek*, Opera gong*, Seed pods*, Kalimba (in C major), Tenor steel pan, Hi-hat, Foot shaker


As the title suggests, The Small Stuff by Andrew Richardson was written specifically to utilize the collection of small, miscellaneous instruments accumulated over the years by his percussion duo, DuOK. Richardson has found a way to bring these seemingly random instruments together in a syncopated, groovy, and tight-knit package. It includes "found" instruments like pots, pans, junk metal, and ceramic bowls. It also features an extended section for kalimba and tenor steel pan. Perfect for the percussion duo on the go!

The Small Stuff comes with a full, bound score. It includes a CD-ROM with an audio recording and all individual parts available for printing.

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Small Stuff, The

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