Vibes and Garnishes

Item No.: TSPCS21-013

Medium-Advanced Solo Multipercussion and Audio

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by Lorenzo Guidolin, Luca Favaro

1 player


  • Vibraphone
  • China/opera gong (E-flat)*
  • Small crash cymbal
  • Hi-hat
  • Bass bow
  • PA system & DAW (for audio playback/monitoring)

*may substitute any object with a short, sharp sound (glass bottle, can, pan, or other “junk” instrument)

Vibes & Garnishes is a collaboration between Lorenzo Guidolin and digital audio artist, Luca Favaro. The title is a reference to the multi-percussion setup used throughout: cymbals and metal sounds act as “garnishes” to the “main dish” of the piece, the vibraphone. These colors are expanded upon by the audio accompaniment, resulting in a unique, engaging sonic palette.

The piece is structured in two sections. The first is based on the energetic rhythms shared between the instruments of the setup; the second is a laid-back trance, exploring the extended sounds of bowed vibraphone and playing cymbals with a chopstick. This work is a refreshing addition to the solo repertoire, and is a great recital piece for intermediate-advanced players!

Vibes & Garnishes ships as a printed, professionally bound folio and includes the audio accompaniment track for download.

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Vibes and Garnishes

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