Violent Tenor Cream

Item No.: TSPB-15

Top tenor solos & ensembles ranging from sick & twisted to clinically insane!


Attention tenor bangers and rudimental quad choppers! Leave your delicate sensibilities at the door. This book here is for crazy fools only!

Do the math...

6 tenor solos by some of the nuttiest quadcakes that ever held two tenor mallets, plus 2 full-blown tenor ensembles that will crack your mother's skull!

That equals 8 buckets of Violent Tenor Cream!

This book is bursting at the seams with the following pieces...

  •     Green Eggs & Flam (Matt Altmire)
  •     Ubiquitous Illin-ness (Bill Bachman)
  •     Afrobeat (Mike Hodges)
  •     Hot Dogs in a Canteen (Colin McNutt )
  •     Grooves & Chops O' Plenty (Brian Perez)
  •     Chocolate Cherry Bomb (Nick Werth)
  •     2005 SCV Tenor Ensemble (Matt Ramey)
  •     1992 SCV Tenor Ensemble (Matt Altmire, Michael Apodaca, Mark Campbell, Murray Gusseck, Colin McNutt)

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Violent Tenor Cream

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