Etude Series Vibraphone

Item No.: ESV

De mallets from the etude series are suitable for use by among others:
 Vibraphone Soloists
 Marching Percussion Groups
 Concert Percussion Ensembles
Quality at a reasonable price! 

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Salyers Percussion Etude Series

The mallets from this series are designed as affordable quality mallets for (beginning) percussionists and ensembles. The mallets and yarn have the same quality as higher price alternatives. The design, craftsmanship and material selection set this series apart from other “value” brands.

E40 | Medium Vibraphone
 Sturdy birch shaft
 Medium rubber core
 Versatile, midly articulate
 Wool/nylon blend yarn

E50 | Hard Vibraphone

 Sturdy birch shaft
 Hard rubber core
 Articulate and sharp
 Wool/nylon blend yarn

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