Marching Arts Vibraphone

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Salyers Percussion marching arts collection vibraphone mallets are designed for front ensemble use in marching bands, drum corps, and indoor drumlines.


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Salyers Percussion Marching Arts Vibraphone

  • Extra-durable cord wrap
  • Durable rotan handles
  • Color-coded butt ends

Flexible rattan shafts make mallet dampening much easier than birch.

As a very handy bonus, these mallets have color-coded butt ends so you can tell which ones are which even when you put them head-first into a mallet bag!

MAV10 - Soft -  Green 

These soft mallets are useful for delicate or nuanced moments in a show that highlight the front ensemble - like a ballad - when you want beautiful vibraphone tones to just appear in the music without hearing that initial attack sound.

MAV20 - Medium Soft -  Blue 
This pair will give you the kinds of sounds you want for the majority of your show, whether it's intricate permutation-based licks in the opener or loud, high chords in the middle of the ballad.

MAV30 - Hard -  Orange 

If you've got some fast runs or a lot of aggressive music, particularly on the high end of the vibraphone, you'll want a pair of these.

MAV40 - Extra Hard -  Yellow 

Need to cut through an entire drum corps or marching band? These mallets have very hard cores that will let the audience hear every note at any dynamic.

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