Concert Maple (with thumbprint)

Artikelnr: PCS1FF

Salyers Concert Snare Drum Maple (with thumbprint)


Salyers Concert Maple Fulcrum Finders

Salyers Percussion Fulcrum Finders Drum Sticks cleverly solve the issue of students' thumbs slipping into bad positions by lightly engraving thumbprints at the point where the thumb needs to stay! Even when students are practicing at home they are constantly reminded. Besides the thumb print, these sticks are exactly the same as the PCS1 General Drum Sticks. They're made to be applicable both behind the drum set and the concert snare, made of light and flexible maple with round tips.

lengte: 16.5 inch/14,91 mm - diameter 0,630 inch/1,6 mm

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Concert Maple (with thumbprint)

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