Performance Collection Marimba

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Performance Collection mallets are designed to be "workhorse" models for students and professionals alike.



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Salyers Percussion Performance Collection Marimba Mallets

  • Yarn wounded mallet
  • Sturdy birch handles
  • Unlacquered anti-slip handle

Performance Collection mallets are designed to be "workhorse" models for students and professionals alike.

Special about these mallets is that these are partitially laquered. The part where you are holding the stick is, to improve the grip, unlaquered. To ensure the strenght of the stick the rest of the birch handle is lacquered. 

Between the lacquered and the unlacquered part is a color code applied, so you immediately know what hardness you are grabbing.

PCM10 - Soft -  Green 

These Soft Marimba Mallets are best fitted for the low end of the instrument, creating large, round sounds with virtually no attack noise. They're excellent for creating rolls that sound like a solid wall of sound, especially in the bottom octaves.

PCM20 - Medium Soft -  Blue 

These Medium Soft Marimba Mallets work well in the lower and middle octaves of the instrument, giving you a warm, rich sound in the bottom octaves with just enough bite to still come through above middle C.

PCM30 - Medium -  Red 

These Medium Marimba Mallets have the widest usable range in the series, able to create nice sounds across most of the instrument. They're firm enough to pull out pure tones in the upper octaves but not to the point where they'll break bars down low. 

PCM40 - Medium Hard -  Orange 

These Medium Hard Marimba Mallets sound best above middle C, with enough bite and articulation to be clearly heard in the upper octaves while still remaining warm enough for rolls and more delicate music in the middle range.

PCM50 - Hard -  Yellow 

These Hard Marimba Mallets sound their best in the upper octaves of the instrument, and are particularly useful when you've got music that needs severe articulation and a lot of cutting power.


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Performance Collection Marimba

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